SCENAR Therapy

SCENAR® therapy provides noninvasive and nontoxic pain management using a hand-held device to relieve pain and improve function and general health.


SCENAR® is an advanced form of electrotherapy and may be effective in treating acute and chronic pain. It functions on two physiological principles: that the body has its own healing capabilities and that the body is continually employing processes of self regulation to maintain health.


The SCENAR® device is a small, hand-held device that delivers computer modulated therapeutic electro-stimulation through the patient’s skin and involves high-amplitude, short duration waveforms. The device triggers neuro and regulative-peptide release resulting in pain relief and healing.


Patients benefit from faster recovery times, versatility, and no concurrent medication interactions. The SCENAR® has been cleared by the FDA for use in treating chronic, acute and post-operative pain.