Clinical Nutrition

At Big Sky Integrative Health, we believe nutrition is vital to the foundation of health. Eating is the one thing we do at least three times daily, every day of our life. Our bodies’ ability to sustain health and wellness is directly affected by the nutrients we consume—or too often, do not consume.


Picture your body as a machine. Machines, with their moving parts, require fluids, lubricants, and powders to ensure consistent operation and prevent breakdown. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are the required fluids, lubricants, and powders to keep our bodies functioning properly. For example, B Vitamins are used in over 365 different daily functions. These nutrients make enzymes work, allow hormones and neurotransmitters to form, aid in repair and restoration of cells, and keep mitochondrial energy up, to name just a few of their job duties.


We strive to help patients achieve health with practical and effective dietary changes. Dr. Green also provides clinical nutrition counseling for various health concerns including gluten and dairy-free eating, sensitivities with preservatives or other foods, and weight loss approaches.