Cleanse/Detox Considerations

At Big Sky Integrative Health, we get a lot of questions about cleanses and/or detox programs. We do offer cleanse and detox programs, and wanted to discuss some common questions we get.

Why would someone try a cleanse/detox program?

  • People already have some knowledge about cleansing and see it as a proactive and preventive way to maintain their health.

  • The patient is in poor health and/or not feeling well (usually chronic disease). People are after improvement in energy, less pain or inflammation, relief of digestive problems, better sleep, overall “feeling better”, relief of skin issues, and sometimes weight loss.

What are the benefits of a cleanse/detox?

  • Short term/immediate benefits are relief of symptoms. Typically you feel better and see improvement in your general sense of well-being.

  • Long term benefits are a reduction in inflammation, weight loss, identification of food sensitivities, improvement in liver function, and improvements in blood sugar control. In addition your body works on behalf of you to maintain better natural detoxification and elimination.

What programs do you offer at Big Sky Integrative Health?

  • The detoxification we use the most is a purification program through Standard Process. It is 3 weeks long and I have seen it make the biggest impact for the most number of symptoms while still being practical. By practical, we mean that isn’t purgative (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) as some detoxification approaches can be. Another practical aspect is you are eating a whole food, anti-inflammatory diet. This includes lean meat, any and all vegetables and fruits, good fats, and limited good grains (wild rice, lentils, and quinoa). It’s a great way to have a solid dietary foundation to build upon once the cleanse ends as well. Another reason we love this program is that first half focuses most on detox and the second half focuses more on replenishment. Replenishment is extremely important in any detox approach because you can’t just take from the body. You also have to give it what it needs to replenish, heal , and restore. It is a full body cleanse which means that it helps detox liver, kidneys, and GI. Technically every cell in the body can get “backed up” metabolically if wastes aren’t being removed efficiently and this allows for those cells to detox as well.

What does a cleanse/detox cost?

  • The cost for the cleanse that we recommend is $130. In general, cleanses can range from $30-40 all the way up to $250-400.

What other info should be considered?

  • It is important to know that 3-5 day cleanses, of which there are a lot out there, are not terribly effective at affecting long-term change. The body needs to time to implement change and needs consistency (which can be a positive or negative). Consistency allows the body to make changes that go to the DNA level given enough time (every 3 months). The dietary side in a cleanse is important too. We don’t see the same change in people if they just take supplements to detox, without changing diet.

To learn more about cleanses and detox programs, give us a call at 406-388-6676.

Big Sky Integrative Health serves Bozeman, Belgrade, and surrounding areas, providing Naturopathic primary care and family medicine. We focus on building lasting relationships with patients and families. These close relationships help us deliver the most comprehensive primary healthcare in the valley. We focus on health promotion and maintenance, disease prevention, and diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illness.

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