Midwifery with Jamie Stafford, LDEM

As long as I can remember, birth has fascinated and inspired me. In 2001, I began my academic studies and in 2003 started attending births. I was able to study under a very talented Certified Nurse Midwife for two years and finished my apprenticeship under the tutelage of a gifted Direct Entry Midwife. Both of my preceptors contributed invaluable skills and helped me become and value the midwife that I am today. I am currently licensed as a Direct Entry Midwife in the State of Montana. I feel like midwifery is a continuous process of learning and feel extremely blessed to be working currently with Dr. Jeff Greeen at Big Sky Integrative Health. His practice philosophy brings a depth and continuity of care that is a gift to midwifery.


I believe strongly that well nourished, healthy women are generally excellent candidates for home birth. Educated families enjoy the richness of the nurturing, peaceful process of midwifery care and home delivery. Siblings benefit from being incorporated into the prenatal visits and the warmth of being included in welcoming the new baby as their “own.”

Currently, I offer complete prenatal care, childbirth classes, delivery support and lactation support. I carry in my practice the concept that proactive health care is far better than reactive care. I emphasize good nutrition, education and emotional support for the process of childbearing, they have an improved perception of their prenatal and delivery experience. I also bring a talented assistant to every birth. I feel like she provides additional support and knowledge to the entire process.

I sincerely love to meet prospective midwifery clients and answer questions about home birth, Montana’s regulations and midwifery as a profession. My initial visit with possible clients is offered free of charge. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Jamie Stafford, L.D.E.M.