Big Sky Integrative Health offers a wide variety of specialized treatments to support your health while resolving the root causes of illness or dysfunction. Dr. Green only uses treatments with a proven record for success and therapies that have extensive evidence and research. But don't take our word for it, take it from our patients!

"I’ve been a client patient of Big Sky Integrative for the last three years and have had many appointments, telephone calls and interactions.  I can’t say enough positive things about Dr Jeff Green and his staff to adequately give you a good picture of their services.  But here are a two things that set Big Sky Integrative Health apart from your average medical providers:  


First, they have great attention and responsiveness to their patient customers.


During the numerous appointments and phone calls I’ve found the staff to be concerned and friendly while they work to meet my needs.   This is very different from other medical interactions I’ve had where wait times are long and interaction often border on the brusque. In addition, when I have a health concern the staff works to call me back and actually check up on what’s happening in a timely manner.  


Second, Big Sky Integrative Health has the knowledge and resources to help create health without disruptive interventions.  


Dr Green has an incredible amount of knowledge and resources to help manage almost every issue. For example, before my husband scheduled a surgery, Dr Green designed a treatment program that made the surgery unnecessary.   This was a stunning outcome since we’d been warned by other doctors that at least 2 or more surgeries could be needed.  


Most importantly, Dr Green and his staff at Big Sky Integrative Health will work very effectively with those who want a knowledgeable medical partner in creating and maintaining good heath."


~ Sandra M, Bozeman

“Through Dr. Green’s consistent approach, the shoulder pain and discomfort I have been experiencing since my injury has subsided. I am pleased that I have been able to resume activities that I had been unable to perform for some time due to the injury. Thank you tremendously for your help!”


- VM, Belgrade



“The prolozone regime has greatly enhanced my ability to recover from the initial injury and Dr. Green’s willingness to provide on-going maintenance of my health has been superb.  His depth of medical knowledge, treatment skill and professional support and encouragement is unparalleled.  Bless you, Dr. Green.”


- John G., Belgrade